A political advisor with a background in medicine and law, Nick Muzin has served as Chief of Staff & Political Director for Congressman Tim Scott (R-SC) since 2011. Nick Muzin guides the full spectrum of political, legislative, and communicative functions for Scott, the first-term Republican who has become an integral part of the GOP Rules Committee, Whip Team, and House leadership structure.

Nick Muzin is also the National Political Director for the Washington D.C. political action committee “Tomorrow is Meaningful” (TIM-PAC). Recently established, TIM-PAC focuses on encouraging entrepreneurship, private market-driven health care, tax reform, and strengthening ties with longtime U.S. ally Israel. Congressman Scott launched the PAC in January, 2012, with an additional aim of sourcing viable candidates to bolster the Tea Party movement’s political base.

Before starting his career in politics, Nick Muzin earned his M.D. at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York and served as Housestaff Physician with Westchester Medical Center’s Department of Internal Medicine from 2001 to 2002. He next served with the Food & Drug Administration’s Office of Regulatory Policy, undertaking the drafting of policies on pharmacogenomic drugs regulation and related product liability matters.

During this time, Nick Muzin also worked towards completion of a Juris Doctor at Yale Law School in New Haven. He notably undertook a legal internship with the Republican National Committee that handled Federal Election Commission and election reform issues in preparation for the 2004 presidential election. With three years of experience as a medical industry-focused attorney in Washington D.C., Nick Muzin served as the Medical Advisor for the John McCain for President campaign in 2008.